Doused in Audaviv


My three favorite things? Coffee, neutrals, and my beautiful, new pieces from Audaviv. Hello my lovelies! I’ve been so excited to share this blog post with you because not only is this one of my favorite outfits (ever!), but the accessories have become an essential to my style. So let’s begin! Since I wear a lot of neutrals, I love pairing my looks with simple, silver pieces to tie it all together. Audaviv is right up my alley because they offer so many minimalist pieces to compliment any style. And who doesn’t love a good accessory? For this look, I’m featuring their stick silver bangle, double silver ring, and monochrome mood choker – which doubles as a bracelet (can you tell those are me?!). The perfect combination to complete an ensemble that’ll make any girl feel like she can rule the world! Since you guys are the best, I even have a discount code so you can treat yourself because you deserve it! Just type in “coexvst” for 15% off (perfect last minute ideas for Mother’s Day). I hope you enjoyed this post and found some inspiration! Till next time my lovelies! xoxo

IMG_7157IMG_7183IMG_7154IMG_7165FullSizeRender (53)IMG_7181IMG_7159IMG_7152IMG_7182FullSizeRender (55)IMG_7144IMG_7150IMG_7184

Top: Thrifted | Denim: Calvin Klein | Belt: GAP | Shoes: Zara | Accessories: Audaviv 


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