Casual Culottes


Hello dolls and welcome back to my blog! We’re talking culottes today and how versatile they are. First off, wide leg pants have become a staple in my wardrobe because of how easily they can be styled. If I’m just heading into the city with friends, a nice jacket and some cute accessories will do the trick. If I needed to be dressed up some more, I could pair these with some heels and a leather jacket!

However, for this look, I kept it more on the casual side! A surprisingly warmer day in December called for a long sleeve tee paired with my go – to leather jacket! I tucked in my top to accentuate the high waist in the culottes. I’m living for the belt of these pants because it just gives it that little extra something! For my bag, I went with my round rattan and added my usual silver detailing.

My latest accessory and obsession has been my new Daniel Wellington watch. DW has come out with some awesome holiday bundles that feature either a watch and a second strap or a watch and a cuff. These are great for those who still need to get someone a quality last minute gift. In addition, Daniel Wellington is offering free shipping and returns, as well as, free gift wrap! It’s a great way to save time and money on a gift for friends and family! I also have a promo code for you all. Just use, coexvst, for 15% off!

Happy holidays everyone. Til’ next time, xx

IMG_8752IMG_8802IMG_8746 (1)IMG_8726IMG_8700IMG_8739IMG_8756IMG_8773IMG_8779IMG_8722IMG_8701IMG_8729IMG_8777IMG_8750IMG_8764IMG_8787IMG_8758IMG_8741IMG_8688IMG_8671IMG_8690IMG_8710IMG_8791IMG_8727IMG_8708IMG_8695IMG_8753IMG_8795IMG_8781IMG_8683IMG_8810

Top: Target | Jacket: ZARA | Culottes: Target | Boots: ZARA | Watch: Daniel Wellington |Bag: 31 Bits |


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