Athleisure Chic


During the summer time I’m all about finding ways to incorporate comfort. From tee shirts to track pants, athleisure becomes essential to my wardrobe. This look is a super easy example of how to style a simple athletic tee. I paired it with a polka dot ruffle skirt to give it an entirely new look! Easily accessorized with some strappy sandals and sunnies for a laidback, chic vibe.

I’ve partnered up with Daniel Wellington for their Fourth of July Campaign! From June 26th – July 4th, when one purchases a DW watch they will also receive a free Canterbury strap for the holiday! This is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t wear a lot of color because it is the perfect touch to any minimal outfit! For this look I’m sporting the Classic Durham watch. You can use my code, COEXVST, for 15% off!

I finished this look off with a red lip and my rattan bag. An easy, yet chic ensemble for a day out with friends! Til’ next time, xx

IMG_8907_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-04-02IMG_8867_Facetune_20-06-2018-12-04-36IMG_8847_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-59-58IMG_8973_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-32-35Click HERE to get this Daniel Wellington watch!IMG_8937_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-24-11IMG_8915_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-14-27IMG_8830_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-56-24IMG_8813_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-51-48IMG_8971_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-31-46IMG_8931_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-19-26IMG_8908_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-10-11IMG_8866_Facetune_20-06-2018-12-04-03IMG_8846_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-59-16IMG_8994_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-36-44IMG_8859_Facetune_20-06-2018-12-02-14IMG_8791_Facetune_20-06-2018-09-49-19IMG_8773_Facetune_20-06-2018-09-45-52IMG_8775_Facetune_20-06-2018-09-46-31IMG_8779_Facetune_20-06-2018-09-47-26IMG_8777_Facetune_20-06-2018-09-46-54IMG_8761_Facetune_20-06-2018-09-43-35IMG_8976_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-34-07IMG_8938_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-24-36IMG_8909_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-11-28IMG_9204IMG_8826_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-55-42IMG_8851_Facetune_20-06-2018-12-00-26IMG_8921_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-16-51IMG_8869_Facetune_20-06-2018-13-57-29IMG_8824_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-55-11IMG_8800_Facetune_20-06-2018-09-51-01IMG_9017_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-37-15IMG_8819_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-54-06IMG_8810_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-51-22IMG_8792_Facetune_20-06-2018-09-49-53IMG_8818_Facetune_20-06-2018-11-53-41IMG_8865_Facetune_20-06-2018-12-03-34IMG_8979_Facetune_20-06-2018-14-34-30

Top: Adidas | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: F21 |Bag: 31 Bits | Sunnies: Amazon | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Jewelry: Amazon


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