Shein’s Minimalist Wishlist

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces from Shein. As a college student who loves trying new trends, this site is a great way to stay up to date without breaking my bank account! Without further a do, here is what I’ve been loving:

  1. The Grid Coat in white – available HEREIMG_7549
  2.  Gold Face earrings – available HEREIMG_7552
  3. The perfect gingham scarf – available HEREIMG_7551
  4.  These chic bags – available HERE & HEREIMG_7554IMG_7555

5. Last but not least, this double – breasted skirt – available HERE


This is only a little taste of all the great pieces they have! Be sure to check out Shein because they also always have great prices!

Til’ next time, xx


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