The Grid Coat


Clearly I’m obsessed with outerwear…I always find a way to convince myself that I need another coat! Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today were talking about two things: this grid beauty and how an outfit can make you feel more confident.

Some mornings, I can tend to feel pretty unmotivated and down right lazy. I’ll make my ritual cup of coffee and take a quick glance at that day’s agenda. At that point, it’s time for me to get ready. As I head to my closet in search of an outfit, I grab a staple piece that I know I will feel good in. As I piece together my look (& my coffee kicks in), I begin to feel ready for the day ahead of me. Feeling confident in oneself is so important, at least for me because it sets the course for the rest of my day. Leaving my apartment in an ensemble that makes me feel like I can rock anything I do helps me get my tasks at hand done. Even something as minimal as an outfit, can be a great way to make yourself look and feel good! Let your inner bad ass – self shine!

On that note, let’s talk about this rad outfit! I wanted the focal point of this whole look to definitely be the coat, so I paired my black turtleneck and ripped jeans to give some contrast. For my shoes, I tied together the white with my favorite pointed mules. I wanted to add a little pop so I went with my tan cabby hat and my go – to red lip. With my usual silver detailing, this look is complete! I hope you all enjoyed this post and happy Monday! Til’ next time, xx

P.S. you can snag this coat HERE!

IMG_7269IMG_7251IMG_7394IMG_7273IMG_7365IMG_7383IMG_7300IMG_7315IMG_7255IMG_7250IMG_7277IMG_7284IMG_7322 (1)IMG_7263IMG_7228IMG_7328IMG_7252IMG_7245IMG_7296IMG_7370IMG_7395IMG_7238IMG_7256IMG_7243IMG_7266IMG_7379IMG_7297IMG_7369IMG_7231IMG_7278IMG_7320IMG_7332IMG_7262IMG_7219IMG_7327


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