Styling a Tunic


Hello everyone, today we’re talking tunics.

Tunics are a great piece to have in ones closet. They can easily be dressed up or down depending upon the occasion. I usually wear tunics either as a dress or with a pair of jeans for an over sized blouse look. To make them more fitted, adding a belt can be the perfect touch for an outfit. For today’s look, I decided to wear this polka dot tunic as a dress. I threw on some tights and added my white ankle boots to complement the white dots. My accessories included this white and tan watch from The 5th, as well as, my usual silver detailing. To complete the look, all I needed was my tan bag and my favorite red lip. Til’ next time, xx

IMG_9732Click HERE to get one of these watches!IMG_9650IMG_9642IMG_9654IMG_9725IMG_9673IMG_9666IMG_9674IMG_9651IMG_9689IMG_9707IMG_9699IMG_9691IMG_9647 (1)IMG_9688IMG_9637IMG_9658IMG_9730IMG_9696IMG_9617IMG_9662IMG_9726IMG_9735IMG_9664IMG_9634IMG_9604IMG_9671IMG_9647IMG_9690IMG_9724IMG_9733IMG_9633IMG_9685IMG_9729

Tunic: ZARA | Tights: Target | Boots: ZARA | Bag: Hieleven | Watch: The 5th | Jewelry: Thrifted/Boutiques


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